Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, Teix has landed

Buster Olney is reporting that the Yankees have agreed with first basemen Mark Teixeira on an 8-year, $180 million dollar contract,

If you go back to the second page, I explain why the Yankees need Teixeira. Now they have him. This gives them the huge bat to protect A-Rod, and on paper makes us the favorites to win the World Series. Add this line-up to the newly structured rotation, and barring injury, we look unstoppable. This pushes Nick Swisher back into the outfield, but the question is to what position. In my mind, he should move to center since thats where he played with the White Sox last year, and Damon stays in left. It may end up, however, Damon goes into center and Swisher plays left or right, with Xavier Nady playing the other corner spot. Swish has equal or sightly less range than Damon would in center, a better arm, but isn't built like an outfielder. Regardless of what the outfield positioning looks like, Teixeira improves out defense drastically.

The line-up now looks something like this:

LF/CF Damon
SS Jeter
3B Rodriguez
1B Teixeira
RF Nady
DH Matsui
C Posada
2B Cano
LF/CF Swisher

The rotation:
Pettitte (?)

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