Sunday, December 21, 2008

Angels pull out of Teixeira sweepstakes

Tim Brown is reporting that the Angels have pulled their offer for Mark Teixeira off the table. The offer was reported to be 8-years worth $160 million. The offer was supposedly pulled because Teixeira wants to play on the East Coast.

Since this report was made, an Angels official has confirmed that the offer has been pulled. If the Red Sox report of "not being a factor" has any truth behind it (which many believe it doesn't), than this is the time for the Yankees to pounce. I still believe ultimately the Red Sox are the front runners. After that, the Nationals and Orioles are the other two East Coast teams with an offer, but he would likely have to lose for several seasons before competing.

This is the perfect time for the Yankees to make an offer if they have an intention to.

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