Friday, January 16, 2009

Yankees not pursuing Manny

Bryan Hoch has an interesting article up about the Yankees and Manny Ramirez. He mentions that the Yankees do not appear to be pursuing Manny. It also says that it doesn't appear as if the Yankees plan to do so. This being said, the point is made clear by this article, and by this offseason that the Yankees are unpredictable:

But while Hal Steinbrenner said that the Yankees continue to look at all options every day, the club co-chairman also noted recently, "We accomplished a lot in the last month." There's always the possibility of a last-minute Scott Boras swoop-in -- see Johnny Damon, 2005, and Teixeira, 2008 -- but it seems unlikely this time.

Similar articles were also popping up about Mark Teixeira and the Yankees, and we all know how that ended. While a 3-4-5 of A-Rod, Teixeira and Manny would be arguably the best ever, it would take a lot. The Yankees would need to trade one of Nady/Swisher as well as move Matsui or Damon. Trading Matsui would be close to impossible and we need Damon. Not to mention the price tag and Manny being Manny. For all it would take, I think the Yankees should pass on Manny.

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